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Digital interphone why price is on the high side?

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Digital walkie talkie why high prices?
Radio digital series as the current industry a hot topic, none to form industry trend, can be said to bring a revolutionary change to the "building block" industry, but its entry into the market, has been faced with the high price situation. It is understood, compared with ordinary the same screen walkie talkie, walkie talkie (intelligent terminal) price of roughly two to three times higher than the. Compared with ordinary building interphone, why digital walkie talkie price will be high?
The performance of PK between the two, who is the real "high"?
Both digital walkie talkie and walkie talkie between the whole structure is not the same as ordinary, ordinary visual interphone is generally a single product machine, processing capacity is relatively small, digital walkie talkies are dual multimedia processor, operating principle is similar to dual core notebook computer, the cost in the block is much higher, and the screen is different, the ordinary walkie talkie basically is the simulation screen, and the number of terminals is the digital screen touch human-machine exchange circle. In addition, both has the very big difference in the other technologies, digital intercom with all digital transmission technology, the phenomenon does not appear, and is of high quality, long transmission distance, strong anti-jamming capability advantages.
Technical advantages of digital Talkback
Due to the difference of structure, the manufacturing cost of digital walkie talkie walkie talkie was much higher than the average cost, intercom system technology and digital complex, the long development cycle, development of digital intercom system need long-term investment is very large human, material and financial resources, but also can not see, the economic benefit in the short term. This series of factors, resulting in a digital talkback single terminal price higher price than ordinary walkie talkie. In accepting the thousands of home network in an interview with reporters, said Xing world science and technology deputy general manager Wang Weibing talking about this issue: "at present, the comprehensive cost of single digital intercom terminal high will lead to higher prices, but the digital intercom to bring customers benefits far outweigh the costs. We cannot only see the indoor machine of single terminal price, we want to see is the comprehensive cost of the whole project. Digital building intercom system than analog intercom system of high cost, cost, this is actually a misunderstanding. In some large community case we contact, the customer found by comparing actual cost figure Talkback system than the comprehensive cost simulation intercom system and low. This is why, we can analyze from the following aspects: first, can directly use the telecom operators the construction of broadband network, save investment cost; second, the period of development projects do not need more room, only need one. But, does not require the room location, can be placed anywhere in the commercial value is not high. You can save a lot of high-quality sales area; third, analogue intercom is complex, partition, maintenance, maintenance costs. Digital intercom maintenance is simple, save the cost of maintenance management. From the system planning of large projects and long-term cost point of view, the comprehensive cost of digital system than the comprehensive cost simulation system of small."
Digital walkie talkie prices will fall in the future?
At present, although the price compared with ordinary digital walkie talkie walkie talkie is high, but compared to the range of 03 years has just launched has been reduced to the developers can bear inside, all still won many developers of the "show special preference to". The future, as the technology matures, digital walkie talkie price is also decreased, so as to achieve the equilibrium price and ordinary walkie talkie? In this regard, thousands of security network reporter interviewed living treasure pre-sales engineer history wisdom, he said: "I think the future of digital to bargain lattice will slowly to set, if the purchase amount is large, the price will be slightly low, mainly to see mass production, the more users is larger, the price will be lower. Similarly, if the simulation screen intercom purchasing quantity, so that prices will rise. Future market, we are very optimistic about the development of digital intercom, from our entire sales system, is also the annual increase." Shenzhen State Ministry of science and technology sales manager Hong Wei also think, digital walkie talkie prices overall downward trend, which is a core problem, development costs and the cost of mold, with the increase of the cost, will slowly drop down.