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Professional wireless communication industry development direction in the future

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Preface: In professional wireless communication technology to flourish, more in-depth technology today, the traditional narrow sense of " private network " understanding of the past ; application of digital radios , PDT, LTE, McWiLL, MiWAVE, PTT and other technology, ushered in a professional spring communications industry development ; voice, data , images, video , and other diversified technology is designed to highlight the new features colorful network market ; faced with a new environment , new technologies, new applications, new markets for new pattern in the industry chain enterprises should be how to adjust the structure of their own development , how to face the new competitive market environment, how to conduct effective technology integration, how the user needs to choose their own solutions , are currently facing the industry the big problem.

         In order to promote the rapid development of professional communication , accelerate the formation of professional communications industry chain , the strong support of the Ministry of Radio Authority , the Ministry of Science and Technology Information Bureau under the "enhanced exchange of atmosphere, experience digital China , and promote technology integration, to create applications " under the purpose, in order to meet and communicate with the application requirements to meet current industry diversified technology, " the pattern of 2013 Shenzhen International professional wireless digital communications and information technology Fair " will be held in Shenzhen convention and Exhibition Center grand ; the expo include digital radio , digital trunking systems, wireless broadband communication access , smart security, data transmission and related dispatching , emergency support , high-end technology solutions and display applications , involving public security , energy, transport, urban residential, commercial , dozens of different the specific areas of professional development trend reflects the large convergence of wireless communication technology , will create a smart city , creating positive conditions for a harmonious society .

        The fair , professional wireless digital communications technology and application development forum is a major attraction , much public attention PDT digital radio and the Ministry of Public Security will focus on digital trunking system for the majority of professional users , outstanding business and professional user groups from home and abroad will brought together a bound interpretation of a high standard , a high level of trade exchange meeting.

        By and large enterprises after the exchange of this article, a careful analysis of the industrial era characterized by new technology , industrial development and enterprise restructuring expressed some superficial view , please correct me .

1, the technological evolution of wireless communications industry professionals

         Information age , wireless communication technology in various fields has been fully applied , bearing and promote progress and social stability of the times. Professional wireless communication means in some industries , departments or units inside , in order to meet their organizational management , production safety, dispatching and other needs of the construction of communication networks , as technology advances , the status and role of the private network is more prominent, timely effective voice communication , data acquisition and image , video transmission, for the community , city, family harmony and stability has played a key role , and network communication with each other.

        In the past, the technical standards of the private network communication to the introduction of foreign standards -based, the vast majority of domestic private network vendors do not grasp the core technology is located in the low end of the industry chain , most professional communications just stop at radio, SSB , VHF radio and analog trunking stage ; small part of a private network using a TETRA, IDEN , such as narrow-band digital trunking technology , but the market is basically monopolized by Motorola , EADS, Nokia, Siemens and other international giants.

         Beginning in 2007 , China's private network construction by the government 's strong support, the development of private network into a rapid phase. Public safety, military and other law enforcement departments , as well as oil, electricity, rail transport , inland waterways , airports, ports and other key industries , fully aware of the special network information technology to transform traditional industries to promote changes in production methods , optimizing industrial structure , productivity and economic the importance of effective promotion and other aspects , resulting in a lot of special network -building programs , thus forming flourishing , multi- Bin colorful situation.

        " Next-generation broadband wireless mobile communications network " national major projects for private network communication industry development , China has formed a clear strategic thinking. China's own broadband wireless access industry 's target market is the industry information private network . Broadband multimedia cluster system is the main direction of broadband wireless access technologies.

        January 7, 2013 , in co-directed the Ministry of Radio Authority and the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Information Bureau in Beijing held a " public protection and relief for broadband wireless communications (PPDR) Forums inaugural meeting ," Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu He Quan , the Ministry of Radio management Secretary Xie Feibo , deputy director of the Public Security Bureau Ma Xiaodong, information technology and other leaders to be congratulated and made a speech. The General Assembly on the promotion of broadband PPDR process , accelerate the construction of private network chain has great significance.

2 , a variety of broadband multimedia convergence applications cluster system communication technologies

        With a strong fixed-line , broadband , 3G and other network resources for communications infrastructure , take advantage of high-speed network bandwidth and strong ability to support multimedia services , mobile office , networking, e-commerce and other business communications systems , broadband multimedia cluster system is . This system can provide a variety of information technology solutions for the majority of industrial customers to provide personal , efficient information services , can be anytime, anywhere, application of information technology to carry enjoy .

        Specifically, the set of text, sound ( including music ) , images, animations , video, and many other media in one, through special network transmission, and then the various media processing, which is characterized by diverse information media , integration, interactive and real-time. Development of multimedia needs have the following key technologies: ( 1 ) data compression and coding techniques. ( 2 ) Media Sync technology. ( 3 ) multimedia network technology. Visible , broadband multimedia cluster system is fairly comprehensive communication technology applications , which tend to set computer , networking, signal transmission, software radio, statistical theory , chip technology , structural technology and other high technology .

         Public safety, energy , transportation, agriculture and other key sectors of modern broadband multimedia cluster system needs urgent , market share is large enough, but the urgent need to establish broadband multimedia cluster system innovation chain and industrial chain. Major projects overall group called broadband multimedia cluster " research use" unite closely related to each unit , the formation of industry alliances , bigger industries. Major projects the overall group of broadband wireless access broadband multimedia cluster system proposed " two-step" strategy to promote :

        The first step : McWiLL broadband multimedia cluster system with the current needs of the industry coincide industrial conditions are met, the standard is relatively mature, capable of industrialization in a shorter time , McWiLL equivalent cluster system 3G, based initiative to McWiLL , in the "five " interim build broadband multimedia cluster system complete industrial chain, to achieve large-scale commercial .

         Step two: TD-LTE technology based cluster system for the future , providing more than 100Mbps transfer rate , the equivalent of a cluster system 4G, TD-LTE Initiative cluster system in the " Twelve Five" to do large-scale demonstration .

3 , private network communication technology changing professional communication new technologies are emerging , the following is a relatively new communication standards , techniques and methods.

         ◆ LTE: known , 2G, 3G has provided a good voice network , LTE is the task of a broadband data superimposed on the 2G/3G network access network . In reality it is very meaningful , which can improve the transmission rate , but also reduce the communication cost . Using OFDM and MIMO as the sole criterion for the realization of its wireless network evolution in the 20MHz spectrum bandwidth to provide downside 100Mbit / s and uplink peak rates of 50Mbit / s of .

         In 2007 , under the leadership of the Chinese government , China Mobile launched the International Organization for Standardization in the TD-LTE international standards , becoming the only 3GPP TDD standard , TDD technology Chinese independent intellectual property rights really began to go international . January 2012 , TD-LTE-Advanced standards China has become one of the communication submitted by the ITU standard for 4G .

         TD-LTE advantage , first TD-LTE spectral efficiency is relatively high , the current can reach 5-10bps/Hz, the second is done in a private network inside a cluster application , call delay is relatively short, is conducive to the formation of the use of TD-LTE technology cluster private network . TD-LTE is currently in a number of private network has been applied , such as Beijing , Tianjin government network , Zhejiang Haiyan national grid test network. In the energy sector , such as oil , coal and other on TD-LTE also showed strong demand.

         ◆ McWiLL: Multi -carrier Wireless Information Local Loop technology , Beijing Xinwei Telecom is the self-developed mobile broadband wireless access systems , is a leading international advanced level of broadband wireless access technology standards, the rate of single-carrier system / section can up to 15Mbps. December 2008 , the Ministry of State Administration of radio publish documents without [ 2008 ] No. 332 , McWiLL comply with the document on the 1800MHz band wireless access requirements .

          In 2009, China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) completed the "1800MHz SCDMA air interface for broadband wireless access system technical requirements" and a series of industry standards , laying the foundation for McWiLL become the international standard . McWiLL systems ITU in 2010 was recognized as the international standard for mobile broadband wireless access technology, TD-SCDMA , following yet another international telecommunications standards completely independent intellectual property rights , is currently the sole owner of the authorized frequencies and build a complete industrial chain broadband wireless access system .

          ◆ MiWAVE: This is Shanghai Han hearing Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. launched broadband wireless access products, based on broadband wireless multimedia (Broadband Wireless Multimedia, BWM) national standards, compatible with TD-LTE standard framework uplink using DFT- autonomous S-GMC multiple access technology to improve power amplifier efficiency and coverage , enhanced resistance to Doppler shift , reducing the construction cost of broadband wireless networks.

         MiWAVE can work in UHF (470MHz ~ 806MHz), multiple bands 2.3G, 2.5G, 3.5G, 5.8G , etc. , but can be extended to other bands based on actual demand , deployment flexibility . MiWAVE to bring the benefits of following the crowd is to allow end users to have more access options, including fixed / nomadic / portable / mobile access , more businesses enjoy , Internet surfing , Email , and wireless interactive digital television .

        This system is one of the major projects of the National Eleventh Five-Year " next-generation broadband wireless mobile communication network ," an important technical direction, is a supplementary program of 4G proposal. Its advantages in relief mainly in that frame that can be used , and high-speed transmission , the system peak data transfer rate of up to hundreds of megabytes . MiWAVE lake on the disposal system has played an important role in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

        ◆ PDT: 2008 , led by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Police developed digital trunking system is a combination of Chinese PDT Status and facts , look at the international , digital communications standard concentration with Chinese characteristics , once started, attracted wide attention. After four years of hard work, the standard is expected to release in the near future . The following features PDT standard determines its application in our country a better prospect :

        ◇ large district system , a low-cost ; fewer base stations, less the cost of network construction investment and post- operational maintenance , in line with a large land area and the actual situation in China less funding ;

        ◇ smooth transition from analog MPT1327 trunking system to protect existing investments, users do not need to re- plan the network , frequency and change habits ;

        ◇ perfect interconnection between systems and unified network management protocols to meet the national network reference design 3GPP IMS , SIP application reflects better interconnection capacity to meet the multi- national manufacturers to jointly build a large network PDT requirements ;

        ◇ secure voice encryption to ensure the security of the call , PDT standards designed a hardware-based encryption scheme optional voice , security solutions can be used , including authentication, encryption empty , end to end encryption , key management mechanisms and links encryption, according to the need to achieve a certain level of safety to achieve some or all of the features ;

         ◇ proprietary design from the Chinese public security police requirements, functional design closer to the actual needs of the Chinese police ;

         ◆ GSM-R: System is a comprehensive dedicated digital mobile communication system designed specifically for railway communication . It has advanced voice calling features , such as group calls , radio calls, preemption and priority -based multi- business on the demolitions , joined the location-based addressing and addressing functions and other functions , especially suitable for railway communication needs of railway dispatch communication . Tune out the main provider of wireless , marshalling shunting communications, maintenance and repair operations segment communications, emergency communications , such as voice communication tunnel communication features that provide data transmission channel for the automatic train control and detection information , and provides automatic addressing and passenger trains services. The system uses the ubiquitous GSM network. By the end of 2000 the Ministry of Railways GSM-R formally identified for the development of China's railway communications dedicated , July 1, 2006 Qinghai-Tibet Railway opened to traffic , marking the GSM-R communication system officially entered the stage of history of railway operations .

        ◆ PTT: PTT cluster system ( PTT Push To Talk), is based on public mobile networks (GSM and CDMA) voice communications services, users can use walkie-talkie , like , one to one, one to many calls. The technique proposed in 1993 by the U.S. mobile operator Nextel, 2010 , China's Telecom launched the " Tianyi intercom " is guilty of this communication , in 2012 this business is gradually accepted by the customer .

       ◆ PPDR: Public protection and Disaster relief, public protection and disaster relief communications. International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) to coordinate the world , radio communications department for the study of regional needs and technologies important issues of public protection and disaster relief radiocommunications . PPDR is the most important part of emergency communications , emergency plans is to achieve an important guarantee for the government , mainly by radio broadband communications.

4 , features the new era of professional communication is the organic integration of multiple technologies and applications

        1 ) the integration of multiple technologies of modern communication is often integrated application of multiple technologies , to complement and reinforce each other 's effects. A communication standard may use TDMA and FDMA access channel transmission is possible with a variety of channel coding . For compatibility , multi- mode multi-band terminal welcomed. Digital radio machine , in order to Kanemichi modulus , modulus using automatic identification technology allows users to experience all sorts of high-tech convenience . Compatible with a variety of standards, a variety of digital radio vocoder single chip has been published .

        2 ) the integration of public and private networks to public networks of people , private network , such as division of labor in the new technology era has been changed , the network has a cluster scheduling function , public network can also have scheduling function , PTT PTT described above , is the use of the public network cluster scheduling system. People want to be able to walkie-talkies and mobile communications , but also hope that the phone can be used intercom .

        3 ) integration of separate narrowband and broadband communications applications, limitations narrowband large image transmission broadband communications are often used in public security law enforcement , emergency situations , in addition to the intercom outside intercom must complete broadband transmission functions. Recently, a walkie-talkie to the direction of LTE multi concern , it is the user wants to achieve broadband applications digital realm.

        4 ) integration with the electric light traditional cluster system for optical communication was limited , broadband optical communications technology, is driving the rapid increase network speed , to bring people everywhere "Speed experience ." Optical fiber communication transmission attenuation, high-capacity , free from outside interference , confidentiality , and can be used for large -capacity ultra-wideband communications. For example, the optical network PON is achieved by a wired network coverage area of the well , the extraction well point network using an optical signal splitter , the optical network unit with a line connected to the terminal device and the remote site video surveillance equipment, and production data, and video return this is taken in the communication scheme Huawei oilfield . The optical transmission network continues to expand in specialized applications because optical fiber communication has its irreplaceable role .

        5 ) the integration of a variety of network multi-network convergence is the future direction of communication, enables a variety of network interconnection of IP -based communications ; Clustered Gateway also allows the use of various systems interoperability . To complete multimedia functionality , IP networks , public networks , narrowband clusters, cluster broadband , satellite communications completely fused together .

5 , enterprises and the development of new technologies dealer relationships dramatic changes are taking place

        Formed a close relationship between business interests and the dealer community , through mutual recognition agreements and regulations , common distribution of goods , to jointly develop and control the market. There are many intermediate between dealers and corporate users, including : wholesalers, retailers , agents and channels and so on.

        In walkie-talkie sales, for example , in the sale, the dealer or directly to the product purchased , or agent product sales, these businesses are relatively intuitive, has a " hand money hand goods ," the simple relationship . When the intercom system consisting of a cluster , dealer sales capability must be changed to sales system , because customers will not only purchase terminals. If broadband multimedia cluster system , because the system in a wide variety of applications , the system itself is the application of a variety of techniques , each of which has numerous features of each device , in the face of complex systems , past dealers may be done because these are not easy convenient than direct selling walkie-talkie , dealers scattered by the target customers become concentrated , groups of individuals become sector units , sales operations to re- establish . Since then, the sales process , installation, commissioning and so non- individuals can complete independence, product pre- sale, sale and will form an organic system , and even the formation of a service culture or a complete industrial chain, this enterprises must also be adjusted when the sales mode immediately , so stragglers organizations together to form a team , but a team of professional knowledge . Saying , "You lug worry , I lead a horse , ask where the " retail method has been brilliant longer .

6 , only in the new digital radio technologies have a more exciting time application space

         In the new era , if interphone enterprises, enterprises are facing greater pressure , we observed broadband multimedia applications discovered after the cluster system , intercom system application is not that much , smart phones , a variety of feature-rich multimedia terminals , systems indispensable This is the base stations and other equipment customers need most , intercom enterprises are facing difficulties to survive in the new era . A terminal market space is not bundled with the system is small, does not rely on a system of enterprises to survive a lot of pressure . This is the integration of various communication technologies in the new era of challenges along issued to the traditional enterprise ! On the current view, we find that even if a number of enterprise output digital radio , almost no market , leaving aside the price is not that individual much better than analog intercom call , let alone say that there are many product interoperability issues . No products markets, companies have no life .

        The a la carte system , such as restaurants , is a multimedia application , the waiter only a touch screen can be quickly and accurately intercom orders , modifications are also quite easy. Only digital radio network system designed to display the same wonderful , intercom , SMS became adjunct. Multimedia digital radio in the cluster, so that a harmonious satisfaction of both subject and object

7 , new technology enterprises in the period should be promptly and actively adjust their roles

        From the look of these new technologies , broadband transmission is the direction that people want to get personal service, multimedia is the most appropriate way , and these are inseparable from digital technology , integrated applications in a variety of new technologies today, especially in the past some SMEs enterprises engaged in the production of walkie-talkie their role should be adjusted as soon as possible , change the " Just do it, not afraid of no market ," the traditional concept. In the new era , companies will face constant adjustment and change : bankruptcy , peel , split , split, asset replacement, share repurchases , employee stock ownership plans , more and more. What should be the attitude enterprise into new technology era , this paper has the following suggestions for reference only .

           1 ) than enough funds , strong technical ability of enterprises - a comprehensive digital upgrade must master digital communications technology as soon as possible , the idea completely from analog to digital , improving the quality of science and technology enterprise as a whole , of their own to deal with their own comprehensive the "digital" upgrade , the product aimed at the joint application of broadband communications as well as with the public network , enterprises can directly into the development and production of digital systems or terminals, when the digital upgrade of Japanese companies , and also his gorgeous turn of .

          2 ) market power still lack the ability to develop enterprises - enterprises should strengthen cooperation with foreign relations and master these new technologies developers, manufacturers, distributors partnership , strive to complete the manufacture of a private network part of the product , by the way "processing " began, by improving the quality , cost optimization harmonious relations , and finally to independent development . Some companies are good at sales , you should set up the sales team ; Some companies are good at engineering, installation engineering team should be set up to provide power for the private network installation ; some companies good price optimization , optimization company should build materials designed specifically for supporting the optimization of network devices .

        3 ) Strong production capacity of independent innovation ability, or the ability to develop fair, poor corporate market - the way to go to be integrated with the strength of the manufacturers association, through shares transformation enhance its strength and improve brand awareness and increase market competitiveness. Quanzhou officials said there was good , " the face of the industry status quo , in the past Taiwanese businessmen accustomed to going it alone, I would rather be beheaded change taking place is not the idea of Pteris even have some pretty good operation of businesses are now willing to be larger acquisitions , integration, which in the ' re- face' of the southern region previously unthinkable . "

        4 ) the ability of the brand is strong, weak corporate product - Integration of the road to success is to choose , SMEs targeting markets such as communications fields , mines , schools, shopping malls, etc. , integrating all successful companies , part of a successful dealer technology and Application , form a complete independent customer solutions, a positive energy solution provider or integrator to improve the overall operational capability in the solution to , we found the market to meet the market , for the development of a greater accumulation .

        5 ) financial strength still , weak corporate development - Import digital torrent Currently, all private network development , PDT private network standards and technology is relatively mature , and become a leading figure in the private network system development . PDT system can produce nearly 15 companies nationwide , fewer companies producing PDT terminal , PDT ancillary products such as terminals , channel machine , power supply, road division , a diversity reception equipment, etc. , can be shared by the companies , SMEs synchronized with PDT, McWiLL and other development, so that their living space to get in the digital trend .

         6 ) accessories provide strong, weak system of production enterprises - join industry organizations , some companies move closer to the digital system accessories provider is not that their products on the digital / analog can be combined , put yourself in the digital ranks of the free outside . Accessories companies also should pay attention to the digital product standards, should be actively adding some figures associations, consortia , on the one hand to grasp the dynamics of digital products , on the other hand to establish a trust relationship with the whole enterprise of many within the Union , as parts of the application to develop a large space for development .

        7 ) chip design capability, many uncertainties facing the company - concerned about the latest digital developments, the pursuit of excellence in digital radio , for example, a number of chip companies have provided digital baseband program, which hovered in the standard patent conflict era has do to the efforts of the spirit is commendable . But difficult to find , the current digital product solutions still require a higher degree of integration , and actively develop compatible multi-standard , multi- vocoder single-chip solution is enterprise's requirements. In addition , the chip how to adapt multimedia -rich applications , such as walkie-talkie more digital applications are designed to highlight these concerns to a higher realm of digital dash , the chip is always glorious mission workers . The remaining broadband business, must always pay attention to the dynamic international standards , countries using dynamic , customer feedback, and to speak with the data , and to strengthen cooperation with the strength of the company, in collaboration with venture capital firms , and strive to develop products to meet market demand in the next financial support .

 8 , in the high- exhibition in positioning themselves

         From the above analysis is not difficult to see that the industry has not yet formed our special network scale , the urgent need to promote the industrial chain ; newly emerging private network communication technology , the urgent need to master ; suppliers, distributors , integrators , distributors direction confused roles in urgent need of conversion. Government support for professional communication ushered in a turning point of development. In order to further expand and promote the integration of different technologies and communication between the different areas , the majority of users as soon as possible to improve the communication of technical expertise , products and overall business knowledge, allowing you to feel out of the office easily changing the outside world , I hope you can attend a high specification , the vision , full of show.

         2013 " Shenzhen International professional wireless digital communications and information technology Fair" will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May 5 to 7 days. It was a brilliant event for the industry , will be demonstrating self- achievement Assembly famous enterprises from manufacturers , suppliers, integrators, solution provider , etc. , the larger scale of this exhibition , rich in content , the exhibition is divided clear digital forum is the best time to sort out its own multi -network integration allows you to refreshing. Entrepreneurs will see the unlimited business opportunities and development opportunities , manufacturers will get more sales channels and to establish a more reliable partner relationships , people will experience the convenience of communication for mankind and fast. Content forecasts show the following: " communication, digital , technology, applications " is the purpose of the General Assembly , promoting progress , accelerate industrial chain formed by the General Assembly the duty of the mission, attended the visit , experts and scholars of the relevant state -led support for the General Assembly to force . This exhibition , allowing you to better position themselves in the digital world. You will see that the show is a beautiful stage , she let the communication workers here enjoy performances ; exhibition is a massive platform , she let the results of the latest communication full display here , the exhibition is a harmonious family , she let friends at home and abroad gathered here , and to spread all over the world exchange Cuxi friendship ! friends, we are entering the era of remarkable 4G , bathing communications sector intoxicating spring , look beauties of springtime professional communication design will be much magic pupate in the spring of professional communication into a butterfly , "Good rain knows the season , when spring is here ," Let us with open arms , loudly cheering the arrival of spring professional communication !